13. - 15. December 2019 with Rémy Kouakou Kouame (France): The XmaSwing is our traditional Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Event in Augsburg the weekend before christmas. We are more than happy to welcome Remy for the sixth time. You can expect a great learning athmosphere, a cozy studio in the heart of Augsburg (directly at railway 1, Augsburg Main Train Station), Christkindlsmarkets, punch and lots of  fun!

This time we offer a special track for Lindy Hop Level 1-2 and Solo Jazz Beginners with Frenschi & Walter.

Registration starts 12nd of June!



Level 0 (not offered in this event):

You have never danced Lindy Hop before.

Level 1:

You're are dancing Lindy Hop for at least 3 months and you know the fundamentals and some basic patterns.

Level 2:

You know all the basics and some variations of Lindy Hop but you might still sometimes feel a bit lost at the social dance floor. You want to improve your dancing skills and learn knew patterns to feel confident on the dance floor.

Level 3:

You can dance to a great range of tempos and with any partner (from freshly beginners to advanced Lindy Hop dancers). You want to find your own style and be more musical. You want learn new moves and variations to spice up your dancing.

Level 4

You breath connection and you no longer need to think about basics! You can lead or follow variations und complex patterns without thinking. You feel confident on the social dance floor and even fast or difficult music won’t stop you! Sometimes you might have connection issues. You want to improve your style by getting to know the style of the teacher.